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      The Ashiko drum is similar to drums found in many parts of Africa and the Carribean, such as the bonko enchemiya and the boku, both found in Cuba.  The ashiko produces a beautifully balanced, strong and sustained tone.  It is a wonderful drum to learn on and inspiring for dance-accompaniment.  The playing technique is similar to that of the conga drum.  The ashiko drum possesses a richness and subtlety that pleases both beginners and advanced players.

SHELL: The shell is cone-shaped with a height of 30" and a head diameter varying from 8" to 13".  It is constructed of select hardwoods such as black walnut, cherry or mahogany.  These woods are preferred for their excellent tone.  Each drum shell is meticulousy hand shaped and carefully finished to be both durable and beautiful.

HEAD: The drum head is made of fresh rawhide cow skin.

TUNING: The skin is tensioned by traditional Yoruba diamond pattern of rope work that not only tunes the drum but makes an interesting visual design as well.  TThis system allows the drum to be retuned as necessary.